Quick Update - Shapea

It’s been quite a while that I last posted. I had been kind of busy with work and still am. So, this is going to be a quick update. I have been working partially on my new webapp called Shapea (as in Shape Idea) - where ideas take shape :) The goal of the application is to help entrepreneurs decide which of their bazillion ideas they should pursue. We all fall deeply in love with our ideas and sometimes end up working on those that have clear dead ends. The webapp is currently trying to solve this in following ways:

  • You can better manage their ideas. The goal is to provide a personal research tool so as to shape the idea by yourself as much as possible.
  • You can share your idea publicly and receive valuable feedback from the Shapea community.
  • utomatically create a beta landing page with beta sign up forms (no programming or hosting required). The users from Shapea community can sign up for invites directly from the feedback page.

That is all for Shapea for now.

Expect a couple post in near future. I have to summarize how was 2010 (I know its already end of Jan) and experience of building a MVP. Stay tuned!